E-Liquid Electronic Cigarette Facts

Smoking e-cigs has become very popular recently, so if you have joined in this new trend, you probably are wondering what exactly is e-liquid, or e-juice as it is sometimes called. This e-juice product is what is inside the flavour cartridges of the electronic cigarettes. Sometimes these cartridges can be refilled, which is cheaper, and some brands of e-cigs require that the user buy a new cartridge when the e-juice runs out.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic version of a traditional tobacco cigarette, and it is actually different in many ways. It is usually either a two or three piece pen shaped device that uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The pieces are a mouthpiece to inhale onto, the atomizer that heats up the e-liquid to form the vapour like smoke that comes out of the e-cigarette and the flavour cartridge that holds the e-liquid or e-juice.

There are many brands of electronic cigarettes to choose from with varying levels of nicotine and various flavours to choose from. They can be bought at several types of shops offline, as well as online. They are bought in kits that normally include the e-cigarette, chargers, battery, carry case, and several flavour cartridges containing e-juice. Prices vary depending on the brand and what is in the kit.

What is in E-Liquid or E-juice?

E-juice Australia fans will be glad to know exactly what is inside of the e-liquid in their favourite electronic cigarettes. The facts are that the e-juice is made of various flavourings, as well as a choice of three agents: propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol 400 or vegetable glycerin, as well as water, and either a percentage of nicotine or in some cases, they are non-nicotine versions of the e-cigs. Smokers can choose from flavours such as the traditional tobacco, as well as a variety of others like vanilla, chocolate, fruits, mints, bubble gum, and hundreds more.

All of 3 those parts are advised safe for human consumption. In fact, the most common one, propylene glycol, has been used since the 1950s in things like asthma inhalers. These components are what make it possible to form the water vapour like smoke that comes from an electronic cigarette that e-liquid Australia customer can then enjoy.

e-juiceWhat about Nicotine content in e-liquid?

The nicotine levels in e-juice or e-liquid vary depending on the brand of the e-cigarettes. E-liquid solutions comprising nicotine are obtainable in various nicotine concentrations. These levels of nicotine come in low, medium, high and extra high. The low concentration of nicotine has about six to eight milligrams of nicotine per each millilitre of liquid, medium has about ten to fourteen milligrams, high contains about sixteen to 18 milligrams, and extra high contains about twenty-four to thirty-six milligrams of nicotine. Remember that we do not sell nicotine e-liquids.

The amount of nicotine that a smoker absorbs into the body when they smoke an electronic cigarette also varies. It all depends on things like the amount of density of nicotine present in the brand of e-liquid, as well as the electronic cigarette’s vaporing capacity, how often the smoker smokes an electronic cigarette, and the way they inhale and exhale when smoking an electronic cigarette.

It is thought that nicotine in e-Liquid isn’t totally absorbed by a smoker. An example is that if a smoker inhales about a millilitre of e-juice that has 24 milligrams of nicotine in it that they will only actually absorb about half of that level of nicotine, but the amount do vary reckoning on the smoker's personal habits. It also varies depending on the size of the flavour cartridge and the brand’s atomizer inside the e-cigarette.

The bottom line is that e-liquid Australia fans have many choices when it comes to making a decision on the types of electronic cigarettes and the flavours of the included e-liquid or e-juice. If you are interested in electronic cigarettes, and want to get in on this new popular trend, then look for them online or in your favourite stores.


  • Propylene Glycol
  • Glycerol
  • Flavours.


Remember: our all types of e-liquids should be kept well out of the reach of young kids and house pets. All our bottle tops are child-proof. Although, please ensure to screw the lids down correctly before storage.


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