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E-juice Black Tea

This is perfect for all tea lovers that want to capture their favourite drink in the flavour of the e-liquid. You will feel the neutral taste and strong aroma as you divulge in this e-liquid flavour which has captured all the essences of black tea. A perfect treat for all tea lovers.

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0 mg nicotine - 10 ml


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Important Facts about E-Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes

The truth is that quite a good number of people, especially those new to electronic cigarette smoking, do not know what e-liquids are. It is, therefore, important to first learn what they are. E-liquids are the fluids that are usually found inside e-cigarette cartridges. These liquids come in different flavours depending on the users’ preference. E-liquids are actually what people are smoking in electronic cigarettes.

In most cases, e-liquids are bought along with other components of e-cigarettes. However, e-liquids are likely to get exhausted with time. The good thing is that there are e-cigs that are designed so that you can replace the cartridges bearing the e-liquid. Moreover, e-liquids are also sold independently by dealers.

e-liquid black teaRoles of E-Juices

In short, electronic cigarette smoking cannot be possible without e-liquids. It is through e-juice that you are able to enjoy the sense of smoking.

E-liquids play a great part in experiencing the flavour and taste of the electronic cigarette. During the manufacturing process, e-liquids are made in different flavours and tastes. Electronic cigarette smokers are privileged to choose from a wide variety of flavours from different manufacturers. Some of these flavours include Menthol, Vanilla, Cappussino, Apple and others.

The optimizer usually heats up the e-liquid in the cartridges, which in turn produces vapour that is inhaled by the smoker. Once inhaled, the e-liquid vapour brings about the distinctiveness of e-cigarettes. In other words, e-liquids help in illustrating the differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene E-Liquids

Vegetable glycerin and propylene are a couple of the ingredients that are used in making e-liquids. The truth is that both ingredients are completely safe for consumption. In fact, these ingredients are used in quite a good number of different foods.

You may wonder why manufacturers of e-liquids do not mix both glycerin and propylene when making e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. It is because some people are allergic to propylene. For this reason, they separate them for smokers to choose the e-liquid that matches them perfectly.

The key difference between the two ingredients is that vegetable glycerin has the capacity to produce a lot of vapour. However, vegetable glycerin is not sweet. On the other hand, propylene produces lesser vapour, and it is sweeter. Be sure to choose e-liquids made of ingredients that are safe for your body.



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