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Why Electronic Cigarettes?

Although the electronic cigarettes, which can be easy found on the Internet today, were invented in 1969, they were first introduced on the Internet by scientists probably less than a decade ago. Certainly, they offer an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes. In so far as appearance is concerned, electronic cigarettes are similar to the regular tobacco cigarettes, but one can only notice the difference if they look inside. As a matter of fact, e-ciggy does not contain tobacco; instead, it doesn’t contain liquid nicotine (we don’t sell e-juice with nicotine). There is a mechanism and it heats up all using quality non-nicotine e-juice, turns it into a vapour (clear smoke) that is inhaled and exhaled, just like the normal tobacco cigarette.  The sensation is the same using e-liquid.


The electronic cigarettes in Australia have since become a hot trend in the world of smoking. Since they actually don’t contain any tobacco. One advantage of the e-cigarettes is that the e-juice Australia users are not left with smells of tobacco after smoking on top of having always the same sensation and satisfaction of a ordinary tobacco smoke. The vapour they produce is quite similar to one fog machines produce and has the same content in it such as glycol propylene. The smoke will quickly fade and disappear without affecting others who might be around the smoker. In fact, most of them confess to never smelling or feeling the smoke. Also, the vapour from the cigs doesn’t harm the environment.


You don’t need a match or lighter because they are operated using a battery. Although they look like they are glowing at the other end, it is just a fake design which is designed to make them look as if they are the normal cigarettes. The cigarettes come in different flavours such as pink bubble gum, java and water melon. Currently, there are more than 300 different brands if e-cigarettes in Australian market. They also come in different colours. It is now estimated that close to 4 million Americans use electronic cigarettes, and the number is expected to grow. Similarly, other countries especially like Australia also have a huge following of e-cigs. 


According to the founder of the electronic cigarettes, the numbers of e-cig Australia users are expected to more than triple in the next few years as many of them are gradually moving away from the tobacco cigarettes. As a matter of fact, e-liquids with e-cigs are said to be safer than tobacco based cigarettes in that the e-cigarettes do not contain trace elements of hazardous compounds.  Moreover, the electronic cigarettes are not as addictive as the tobacco cigarettes (non-nicotine versions). In fact, those who want to break smoking addiction are normally advised to switch to electronic cigarettes. That being said; it is still not known what exactly effects the electronic cigarettes have on lungs, but it is suspected that the effect may not be as devastating as the one caused by the tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes are definitely taking over from the tobacco cigarettes because of the many reasons stated above.


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