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The number of individuals smoking e-cigarettes all around the world has definitely increased throughout the years. E-cigarettes in Australia are becoming more popular than regular cigarettes.

The cigarettes don’t produce smoke and they do not contain a great amount of the chemicals that could be found in regular cigarettes.

In addition, the e-cigarette can come in various flavours. E-juice can be purchased and they typically come in small vials. The flavours vary from fruit to deserts and cocktails. They are incredibly affordable and enjoyable. Folks always note how incredibly amazing it is when they’re able to get a tremendous amount of flavour with every puff. That’s definitely not the type of comment one would hear in relation to combustible cigarettes. In addition, the flavours can be personalized through mixing. 


For those who may think that e-cigs are new to the scene, there was actually a patented version of the electronic cigarette as early as 1963. The patent was created by an American man name Herbert A. Gilbert and he created a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. It was known to use moist, flavoured air instead of burning tobacco and paper. Although there were a few companies which wanted to place this product on the market, it never actually came into realization and after 1967, it was no longer a part of the public record.


Later on, in 2003, there was a pharmacist in China named Lik who created the first newer generation of the e-cigarette. His version used an element that emitted piezoelectric ultrasound vapour. This version of the e-cig was made available in the market in 2003/2004 and received an international patent in 2007. Find more at www.e-juice.com.au today! There are plenty of e-cigarettes available in Australia.  


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