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E-liquid Energy Cow 10 ml (0 mg nicotine)

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Popularity of E-cigarettes

The practice of consuming tobacco goes back a long way in history, but consuming it in the form of smoking, dates back only to some five centuries ago. From then, it has become so popular that it has spread all over the world. The rolled up cigarette that we see nowadays was introduced in the nineteenth century and from that time onwards many improvements have been implemented.

However, with such widespread use, the harmful effects of smoking were also discovered as people got addicted to cigarettes and started suffering from diseases such as lung cancer, ulcers, throat pain, and many more. As it was so popular among people, it became difficult for doctors to stop people from consuming it. So as the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, all of the university researchers started to look for a lot of safer substitute for cigarettes.


Mainly, it is the nicotine in the tobacco that makes it so irresistible, so alternatives for it like nicotine gums and patches were introduced. To an extent, these substitutes did stop people from smoking, but failed to completely curb the practice of smoking. Then finally, a brand new avatar of all tobacco cigarettes was introduced known as the e-cigarette or Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (known as ENDS) which reduced the urge of smoking in a lot of people.

Research has shown that the sale and consumption of these e-cigarettes among of all the groups has quite doubled from the year it absolutely with no doubt was introduced in Australia. Many non-smokers also adopted it and have refrained from smoking the traditional cigarettes. With the tremendous growth of the ENDS industry, many communities are emerging including people who exclusively use the electric cigarettes. One of these communities call themselves “The Vaping Community”.

With these innovative products, it is hoped that all those who may want to smoke will be encouraged to use this product instead, as it is relatively much safer than the traditional cigarettes.



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