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Understanding Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are also known by other names such as electronic cigarettes or vaporiser cigarettes. The cigarettes are made in such a way that they emit nicotine or non-nicotine in its vaporised form. It is this vaporised non-nicotine that is inhaled.  Unlike the tobacco cigarettes, these kinds of cigarettes do not require a match or lighter to light the cigarette. Instead, the cigarettes come with a battery which automatically lights the cigarette, heats the e-liquid nicotine (you can buy from our shop only non-nicotine e-juice) to produce vapour that is inhaled. While they are lit, there is a glow seen at the other end of the cigar which resembles the one that burns while smoking tobacco cigarettes.  Manufacturers claim that the e-cigs are alternative to tobacco smokers who want to stop smoking because there is no smoke to inhale with the electronic cigarettes. Perhaps the reason why this might be true is because tobacco has been scientifically proven to contain over 4,000 different chemicals, and many of them are health hazards to the body. Remember that our e-juice does not contain any nicotine and the juice (or e-liquids, e-cigarettes) are not quit smoking aids.

Although the electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke nor do not contain any combustion, they provide similar sensation to the body. So, how do the vaporiser cigarettes look like? You have probably seen one, but just to mention, electronic cigarettes are in the form of long-shaped tubes. Some look like ball point pens while others look just like the normal tobacco cigs. It is worth noting that using e-cigs can save you some cash since majority of them are reusable; those that are reusable come with refillable cartridges. The work of the cartridge is to hold the e-liquid flavour that contains hundreds of different flavours. Only a small percentage of the electronic cigs are disposable after a single use.

One can be forgiven for thinking that the e-cigarettes have been in the market for a long time given the popularity they have gained. As a matter of fact, the e-cigs are barely a decade old since they were first introduced in the market in 2004 by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. It is now estimated that the number of e-liquid Australia users will quadruple in the next few years. Most of the cigarettes are automatic as the user only needs to suck on it for the sensor to activate the heating element that turns the liquid into vapour. The cigarettes come in many brands and tastes such as water melon, pink bubble gum, and many other flavours. Currently, there are about 250 different kinds of brands of e-cigarettes, and they also come in different colours.



Most of the current e-cig models allow the user to choose whether or not to inhale the nicotine e-juice that is contained in the flavoured liquid solution. However, the older versions of the cigarettes have a little LED button which turns the heating component on and off. The LED light indicates to the user whether the cigarette is activated for inhalation.  When you buy the e-cigarette, it will come with a manual that demonstrates how to use different parts of the cigarette.


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