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E-juice French Pipe

This is the e-liquid that symbolizes sophisticated smoking experience which surpasses all standards of excellence-the pipe flavour is your closest brush with unadulterated and pure tobacco experience. The rush of aromas will encompass your senses and deliver deep and gratifying satisfaction for hours after. It’s one of those who truly understand the value of a good smoking experience!

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0 mg nicotine - 10 ml


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Care and Maintenance of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes just like all devices need to be kept in top form to deliver their best. They have parts that will wear out from constant use with time as well as others that have to be cleaned so the quality of vapour as well as the smoking experience is enhanced. The good news is that caring for electronic cigarettes amounts to just simple cleaning exercises. Generally, the market has two-part and three-part electronic cigarettes; these can all be taken apart, cleaned, and assembled back.


Cleaning the Cartridge

Electronic cigarettes made of two parts usually have the cartridge and the battery. In this case the cartridge combines both the atomizer and the cartomizer; parts that should always be kept very clean. Any e-juice leaks should be cleaned and not allowed into the battery as this can easily kill it. When cleaning the heating unit, ensure that the threads are wiped with dry tissue or dry cloth so that any moisture, spilled smoke juice, or other debris is totally eliminated. When done, you can raise the heating unit to your lips and blow gently to make sure no moisture is left in. When doing refills, the same caution must be applied and the electronic cigarettes' instruction manual must be followed to the letter. If you encounter dust or liquid, especially where the heating unit makes contact with the battery, push lint-free cloth in to soak the liquid as well as absorb all the dust. This is important because electric currents pass through this point, and as such the importance of removing all debris can never be over emphasized.


Caring for the Battery

Batteries need to remain plugged in only until they have a full charge. Leaving them plugged and charging for extended hours reduces their lifespan substantially and limits their performance in the electronic cigarettes. Because of their sensitivity, batteries also need be cleaned often to ensure no liquids get in as these too can substantially reduce their operational life. As a cautionary measure, double check after refilling the smoke juice just to ensure no leaks have been allowed into the battery.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming a preferred means of attaining smoking pleasure, but as devices that are powered electronically, they need the utmost care. Proper care will ensure they deliver supreme vapour quality and a delightful smoking experience. Taking good care of your electronic cigarettes will also help increase their lifespan and make e-juice smoking even more cost effective.



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